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Investing With Us.

With investment options available to individuals and companies, the protection and re-population of rare and exotic game species is now possible. 

Species include Rhino, Sable, Roan Antelope, Buffalo, Black Impala, Golden Wildebeest , Kings Wildebeest and Saddleback Impala.
The investor owns the female animals bought and remain the owner of these investments,either to grow, relocate ,sell or re-enter into an agreement with
Present Perfect Game. The ofsspring is devided 50/50 between the investor and Present Perfect Game.
Investors can sell or move these animals after the first season or continue with, supplement or diversify their investments . Should you own your own property
and would like to start your own breeding herd now, you can relocate your animals at any point in future after the first breeding season. Capitol imputs are
easely accessed and with the high demand for quality animals returns are available from the first season.
Our options are ideal for first time investors wanting to learn more about the game breeding industry, before initiating their own projects or expanding there
investment herds. You can start now and within a few seasons you should have reached a quality breeding herd, ready to be relocated or to enlarge your
investment by entering into our superior breeding systems.
Access to animals will be available as well as internet camera surveillance in boma's and around watering holes, allowing investors to monitor their investment
from anywhere in the world. Overnight accommodation is available to all investors on the properties where the camps are located and offers a more
personal nature experience.
Management & Risk.
DNA verifiable selection and expansion will afford laboratories the opportunity to track and inform breeders of the active genetic pools. All our records are
sponsored for further research in the industry. We register & record DNA from qualified and approved laboratories. 
Annual auctions offer us the opportunity to offer animals with quality DNA,generate income and improve breeding stock. Insurance will be in place on animals to minimise the risks which include viral diseases,natural deaths or predators. Good quality fencing, regular perimeter checks and measures like illness & disease
control, as well as the daily cleaning, maintenance and feeding that is done to a strict regime, all to help keep risk factors low.
Animal nutrition and feed is supplied by Driehoek Feeds and cater for all our needs.Daily feeding schedules, adjustments and continuous improvement will
guarantee well maintained animals and higher re-production rates. The most of our necessary medical applications are supplied with our specialist feed.
Services and Infra structure.
Capture, relocation and transport is well taken care of by teams of professionals. Vehicles, personnel and medical assistance will be supplied and annual actions
will be held at venues in and around the area. High quality care and supervision is guaranteed for all animals, with the wellbeing of each animal a priority. 
Quality breeding males.
Camps, boma’s and handling areas.
Anti poaching and fire protection. 
Feed, nutrition and grazing
Veterinary costs & medicine.
Disease/Parasite control.
Monitoring & management.
Personnel & equipment.
Insurance for the first 12 months.

Driehoek Feed's game feed philosophy.

Driehoek Feeds specialises in Game Nutrition and has a comprehensive list of products available to satisfy a wide range of applications. We ensure that your Game receives everything needed nutritionally by participating in ongoing research, and supplying highly digestible, natural and wholesome nutrition in every bag!

Our philosophy is to use high fibre diets to ensure excellent digestive health. Only fibres with the highest digestibility, however, are used in combination with all the other nutrients required (no 'bush' from Acacia species is used). The protein quality is excellent and only bio available vitamins and minerals are used. The very specific levels of the micro nutrients included in our products such as organic Selenium, Zinc,Manganese, Vitamins A, B and E and Biotin differentiate this range of products from others available. Driehoek Feeds works closely with both veterinarians and expert nutritionists, who collect, analyse and assimilate new data on an ongoing basis.

We encourage breeders of all rare species to supply us with livers of any mortalities which we then send for analysis, using the results to add to a growing data base to assist in determining more accurately micro nutrient shortages existing in specific areas. A commitment to supplying the correct feed to achieve the desired results for a wide variety of game species in differing conditions, both efficiently and cost effectively, is what makes Driehoek Feeds a dedicated specialist in this field!

International Wildlife Ranching.

Game ranching growing at 20% a year, says expert!

Commercial game ranching and conservation are two sides of a coin, and properly managed could provide huge benefit to the country, according to Dr Gert Dry,  deputy president of Wildlife Ranching South Africa (WRSA).

In 2009, wildlife ranching in South Africa earned R7,7 billion, in terms of turnover, and has over the past 15 years grown at a rate of 20% a year. South Africa is acknowledged as the world leader in the development of wildlife ranching as an alternative to farming with domestic animals.


Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort 0110 Author: Cindy Harper

Humans seem to be fascinated with creatures that differ from the general population. One of the first factors that humans select for, following domestication of a species is the appearance of the animal, particularly its colour. The mutations that cause the colour variations are, however, natural and regular events responsible for the biodiversity that we see. They allow animals to adapt to changing environments and survive. Mutations or spelling mistakes in the genetic code that result in physiological or metabolic defects or make an animal more susceptible to predation or disease will result in rapid elimination from the population before the affected animal has an opportunity to pass on its genes.

Recessive or silent colour mutations can be present in populations for many generations without being expressed simply because the carriers rarely mate. Without scientific investigation one cannot assume that colour variations are not beneficial to animals in natural populations or have any detrimental effects. The heated debate about the benefits or disadvantages of colour variants in wildlife must be based less on opinion and more on scientific fact, since opinions always have two or more sides to them. In order to establish the actual extent of the prevalence of colour variants in wild populations and the effect of factors such as predation level and survivability of these variants, one must be able to identify carriers.